Broadcaster Panel Terms of Service

Updated on 29 May 2020

The broadcaster is the owner in charge of updating their owned radio station(s) data on Mini Radio Player.

Broadcaster Collaborator
The broadcaster collaborator is the individual or employee in charge of updating the radio station(s) data where he/she is employed on, on Mini Radio Player.

Third-party Collaborator
The third-party collaborator is any individual that registers on the broadcaster panel to add or update a radio station that is not available in Mini Radio Player.
The end-user agrees to all the terms and conditions listed in this document for 'every utilization' of Mini Radio Player Broadcaster Panel.
Terms and Conditions updates
The end-user agrees that the Terms and Conditions may change at any moment and it's effective the moment this document is published/updated for "every utilization"
Add and edit/update a radio station
The end-user may add or update any radio as needed even if doesn't own or has the rights to manage said radio station. However, the third-party collaborator that added or updated said radio station, may have to cede their radio ownership to the Broadcaster or Broadcaster Collaborator of said radio station when requested, losing access to said radio station data and update actions, at any given time.
The end-user agrees that may not upload obscene image logos or image logos (not) related to the radio station that is being added or updated.
The end-user agrees that may not insert misleading information, scamming information, phishing information or any information (not) related to the radio station.
The end-user agrees that may not make too many repeated requests to update a radio after a refusal of said update request.
The end-user agrees that may not add a radio station that is already available in the database. The end-user has to claim the respective radio station or update the radio station if it already associated with the end-user user account.
The end-user agrees that we may add, edit or remove any information it has been submitted via radio station add and edit form before approving or after approving (or not approving) the request.
Claim Radio Station
The end-user may claim any radio station, even if pre-owned. The request may be denied if it is pre-owned by an actual verified broadcaster or broadcaster collaborator.
Radio data access
The end-user agrees that we may remove access to a radio station in our directory associated with the user account for any reason.
Account and services access
The end-user agrees that we may terminate the account access to any broadcaster at any given time, without prior notification if it is used for any type of repeated abuse of the system.
Platform Garantees
The end-user agrees that Mini Radio Player will not guarantee proper function of its services all the time.
Broadcaster Panel may be removed at any given time without prior notice. Usually a similar replacement will be available in another format or form.
The end-user may report broadcaster panel issues using our Help Center.