Broadcaster Panel Terms of Service

Updated on 05 March 2018

Terms of service updates
When you register on Mini Radio Player Broadcaster Panel, you agree that we may update our terms of service at any given time without prior notification.
Complying with the terms of service
You automatically agree to all the terms listed in this document when registering on Mini Radio Player Broadcaster Panel.
The broadcaster is the owner in charge of updating their owned radio station(s) data on Mini Radio Player.
Broadcaster Collaborator
The broadcaster collaborator is the individual or employee in charge of updating the radio station(s) data where he/she is employed on, on Mini Radio Player.
The collaborator is any individual that registers on the broadcaster panel to add a suggested radio station that is not available in Mini Radio Player.
Account registration
You agree that you may only register one account per individual.
Add and edit/update a radio station
The Collaborator may add or update any radio as needed even if doesn't own or has the rights to manage said radio station. However, the Collaborator that added or updated said radio station, may have to cede their radio ownership to the Broadcaster or Broadcaster Collaborator of said radio station when requested, losing access to said radio station data and update actions, at any given time.
You agree that you may not upload obscene image logos or image logos (not) related to the radio station you are adding or updating a radio station.
You agree that you may not insert misleading information, scamming information, phishing information or any information (not) related to your radio station.
You agree that you may not make too many repeated requests to update a radio after a refusal of said update request.
You agree that you may not add a radio station that is already available in our database. Please use request radio ownership for said radio station or update the radio station if it already belongs to you.
You agree that we may add, edit or remove any information you submitted via radio station add/edit form before approving or after approving (or not approving) your request.
Request radio ownership
You agree that you may not request ownership of a radio that you are not the owner or not in charge of said radio station, in any way. You can still add new radio stations even if you're not the owner.
Radio data access
You agree that we may remove access to a radio station in our directory associated with your account until you verify that you're the owner or the individual in charge of said radio station.
Account and services access
Free broadcaster account allows you to add or request ownership of unlimited radios. You can also edit/update and publish radios once every 8 hours.
You agree that we may terminate your account access as a broadcaster at any given time, without prior notification if it is used for any type of repeated abuse of the system.
Make sure you have a strong password to keep your account secure.
Platform guarantees
Mini Radio Player Broadcaster Panel is a platform that will keep on evolving and changing.
Some unexpected issues might appear when using any of the services provided by the Broadcaster Panel.
You agree that Mini Radio Player will not guarantee proper function of its services all the time.
To request support for broadcaster panel, please contact us at