Service Announcements

Removal of inactive accounts is in progress (since May 2021)

06/07/2021 14:07 UTC

Since May 2021, the policy about deleting inactive accounts described in Mini Radio Player's terms of service is being enforced. Any user account that has no activity in the last 3 years is getting deleted after 30 days of being marked. Users with a confirmed user account are being notified with an e-mail that they should login at least once to keep their account. After 30 days has passed of the account being marked/notified and the user did not login in the app (Windows, Android or Web) at least once, all their user data is deleted from the service which includes favorites, bookmarked songs, history, generic user data, support tickets, etc... Broadcaster accounts are not affected by this policy, yet.

The reasons for deleting inactive user accounts are various. Keeping user data for the sake of keeping is not useful or productive. By deleting inactive accounts, there's a lower need for hardware resources that could be allocated elsewhere, easier to maintain and upgrade, reduced liability in case of a security breach and improved privacy of user data for those that don't use the service anymore.