Service Announcements

Farewell Windows 10 Mobile and Android KitKat & Jelly Bean

23/06/2021 22:06 UTC

Starting November 2021, we will be removing the Mini Radio Player app from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile (which also includes Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Creators Update on the desktop) and on the Play Store for Android KitKat and Jelly Bean which means new users won't be able to download it anymore. However, users that already downloaded it once should be able to install it through their app library. We will also remove the packages for sideload acessible via This was due to Google forced changes to the Play Store which would not allow to submit updates to the app anymore while still serving the old version so a decision was made to remove it for all platforms as those operating systems and devices are out of support for a long time by now.

Mini Radio Player on those devices will still be accessible for a year (until November 2022) depending on how many users access it. If service access is too low, the app will be disabled sooner but if it's high enough, the shutdown may be postponed. After that date, users on those devices may still use Mini Radio Player through the web app at

Mini Radio Player on phones first debuted on Windows Phone 8.1 and since it has been adapted to Android with one of the best radio experiences on mobile.

Thanks for choosing and using Mini Radio Player on your Windows Phone for this long!