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Beautiful, powerful, personal but minimalist internet radio. Mini Radio Player is the evolution of traditional radio and digital radio combined into one simplified but vast package.

Rich experience at first glance

An easy, fun, simplified but rich experience to discover new content no matter what device you use.

Browse through different music genres and programs

Enjoy your favorite hit music, edm, rock, classical, oldies, jazz, hip hop, relaxing music and much more
Listen to news, opinions, discussions, religious, cultural programs and live sports

Save your favorite stations and pin them to start *

Save your favorite radios and pin them to your startscreen, save your favorite songs and keep track of your listened radios

Set a sleep timer and a radio alarm

Set a sleep timer to turn off radio playback automatically and a radio alarm to wake up with your favorite station
Check the current song playing and enjoy a cool visual experience with the artist image

Customize your experience

Customize your experience with different color schemes, radio autoplay, startup radio list, internet data control and let it synchronize through all your devices with little to no effort

Any device, any time

Choose your favorite device at any time without having to re-learn the app. Listen however you want, speakers or bluetooth speakers, earphones or bluetooth earphones or on your home cinema setup.

Available on Windows Store, Google Play and your Web browser

Check all Mini Radio Player features

Features detailed

Tile Based ListsSee more content at once with tiled based lists but without any of the clutter.
Top Radio, Nearby & Suggested radioPlay the most listened radios from your region, check the radios near you and get suggested radios based on your tastes, at a glance.
Genre discoveryDiscover new radios based on different genres from Classical to EDM, News radio to Sports by accessing the simplified browse menu.
Favorite radios & categorizationSave your favorite radios and organize them into different categories with ease. Save your favorites without an account or in your Mini Radio Player account if you wish to sync between your devices and to never lose them.
Bookmarked songsEnjoyed a song you just listened to? Bookmark it for later to listen again or to search for its lyrics!
HistoryForgot which radios you listened the previous day? Just check your most recent played to listen again or to add to your favorites!
Categorized SearchFind the radio you're looking for by name, genre, city, artist, call sign or country.
Right Now On~Check which song is playing on the radio with a pleasant experience with the song and artist image. Check it at a glance by pressing the volume buttons on your Windows device or sliding down the notification bar on your Android device.
Right Now On Live TilesEnjoy a more rich experience by seeing what is playing on different radios in a list without even opening the radio!
Volume Control~Control the sound volume of the player for a more enjoyable multi-tasking experience on your device!
Lyrics SearchSearch lyrics for the current playing song on the radio or on your bookmarked songs with a simple press of a button!
Sharing CapabilitiesShare to social media the song or the radio you're now listening right from the app.
Twitter IntegrationCheck the last tweet the radio posted for a more interactive experience.
Reports system & Stream Finder~Enjoy a reliable experience with our reports system to help us fix not working radios as soon as possible. Stream Finder also searches for a working stream immediatelly and automatically when the current one is not working, for an even more reliable experience.
Sleep TimerSet a sleep timer to conveniently shut down the app when you want to sleep or for any other occasion. The radio audio will slowly fade away when the sleep timer ends for a more pleasant experience!
Radio AlarmWake up to your favorite radio or use it for any other occasion, by setting the hour you want the alarm to fire at. The radio will slowly start with a smooth audio transition for a more relaxed wake up.
Immersive ModeEnjoy a fullscreen experience with an animated Right Now On Artist Image and a cool player look that creates ambience in your room.
Radio Zapping~Zapping is the cherry on top feature in Mini Radio Player. Zap between radios quickly in different ways: opening radios quickly on your phone without dealing with the radio dashboard, opening radios quickly visible as a sidebar on your tablet or PC, swiping left or right in the radio dashboard to skip to the previous and next radio on the list or pressing the skip buttons on volume controls in Windows, the app notification on Android or on your bluetooth headphones or speaker. Switching between your radios was never this easy until now!
CastingCast the radio to compatible DLNA, Miracast or Bluetooth devices on your network! Start the app and play the radio you're listening to another Windows 10 device you have, just like a remote control!
Stream Stay Alive~Enjoy a more reliable experience on your mobile device using cellular data or on your jumpy internet connection with this automatic feature that will recover the stream when the connection is dropped or when changing between networks or cell towers.
Highly Customizable ExperienceCustomize your experience to your likings, with different set of definitions like auto-play radio at startup, always select HQ stream, Zapping mode, color schemes, dark mode, initial view and language that will let you take the most of your radio experience.
User Settings Synchronization~Synchronize settings you changed with your Mini Radio Player account between all your signed-in devices or even without an account by using the same Microsoft account in your Windows devices.
Data Usage Control~Take control over how your data is spent! Let Mini Radio Player choose the best data settings for you depending on your internet connection (Wi-fi/Wired, Metered Wi-fi/Wired, 2G, 3G, 4G) automatically, set data economy to use little data possible, set to use all the features in any data connection or just manually configure your preferences for each data profile. There is no limits!
User BackupBackup your Mini Radio Player account to your device so you can keep a copy of it or to change your e-mail address later.
Platform and Input AgnosticMini Radio Player is available on all modern browsers, Android (Google Play) devices and Windows 10 devices with the same look & feel so you don't have to re-learn how to use the app when you change between your devices. Mini Radio Player is made to work with all input types available, from your Mouse to your Keyboard, going to Touch devices and even Gamepads from your console!
Highly Performant & Small footprintMini Radio Player app is tailored in a very optimized way to deliver fast performance and a quick user experience without slowdowns while maintaining resource usage at a minimum. Our server and services are constantly optimized to deliver the fastest responses to the app. App download is very small, usually below 5MB!
SecureMini Radio Player is secured by TLS (HTTPS) to secure all our users data when comunicating with our services. Our services are always updated and developed with security in mind to keep our user's data safe.
Integration with OS Features~~Enjoy integration with your favorite operating system with Pin to Startscreen and Live Tiles on Windows 10 and with the persistent notification on Android. Pin the web app to your start screen on Windows 8.1 and above, on your Android homescreen or on your iPhone or iPad homescreen.
AccessibilityMini Radio Player is accessible to all with proper support for features like High Contrast, Narrator and Keyboard with XY navigation.
~ Feature partially implemented or partially supported. * Pin to Start is only available on Windows 10