Mini Radio Player

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Beautiful, powerful, personal but minimalist internet radio. Mini Radio Player is the evolution of traditional radio and digital radio combined into one simplified but vast package.

Straight to what's most important to you

Discover new content with a beautiful and simplified experience that works great on your PC, Tablet, Smartphone and Xbox

Browse through different music genres and programs

Enjoy your favorite hit music, edm, rock, classical, oldies, jazz, hip hop, relaxing music and much more
Listen to news, opinions, discussions, religious, cultural programs and live sports

Save your favorite stations and pin them to start *

Save your favorite radios and pin them to your startscreen, save your favorite songs and keep track of your listened radios

Set a sleep alarm and a radio alarm *

Set a sleep timer to turn off radio playback automatically and a radio alarm to wake up with your favorite station
Check the current song playing and enjoy a cool visual experience with the artist image

Customize your experience

Customize your experience and let it synchronize through all your devices with little to no effort

Find that radio you were looking for

Search for radios by their name, genre, artist, city, call sign or others

Available on Windows Store, Google Play and Web

* Windows only